The Program

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6:30pm Opening Night Reception
7:30pm Screening:  La Vérité (1960)
New restoration courtesy of Sony Pictures Repertory




9:00am Recovering Early Optical Sound: Joseph Tykociner’s 1922 Composite Sound-on-Film System
Joshua Harris, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Simon Lund, Cineric, Inc.
The Digital Post-It: Cataloguing Unstructured Metadata for Preservation in Distributed Databases using Open Standards
Randal Luckow, Home Box Office
Steve Kochak, Digital Preservation Laboratories
Restoring The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez: The Result of a Long Partnership Between an Archive and a Festival
Josef Lindner, Academy Film Archive
Artificial Intelligence for Automatically Repairing Vertical Scratches
Mike Inchalik, PurePix Images
Alexander Petukhov, University of Georgia
Inna Kozlov, Algosoft Tech USA
12:45pm Lunch Break
2:00pm HDR Video Mastering for Classic Cinema
Bill Baggelaar, Sony Pictures Entertainment
The Troop: Redux – An ACES Reformatting and Archiving Case Study Project
Marcus Dillistone, Film Director
Andy Maltz, Science and Technology Council, AMPAS
Michael Pogorzelski, Academy Film Archive
Capacitance Cavalcade: The sorrowful spinning saga of RCA’s SelectaVision CED Videodisc
Jayson Wall, N-I Broadcasting
Analyzing Image Bit Depth in Digital Archive Deliverables
Sean Vilbert, Paramount Digital Archive
Miki Fukushima, Paramount Digital Archive
6:30pm Dessert and Coffee Reception
Cannoli and Italian Desserts courtesy of DJ Audio and Audio Mechanics
7:30pm Screening:  Sid and Nancy (1986)
New restoration from Criterion, courtesy of MGM/Park Circus




9:00am FILMIC Virtualization Model for Digital Motion Picture Film Preservation: Harvesting more that is FILMIC in Digital Film Preservation
Jim Lindner, Media Matters LLC
Active Digital Preservation: Combining Digital Asset and Preservation Management Workflows
Linda Tadic, Digital Bedrock
Case Study: Restoring Behind the Door (1919)
Robert Byrne, San Francisco Silent Film Festival
A 20th Anniversary Salute to the National Film Preservation Foundation
Jeff Lambert, National Film Preservation Foundation
12:45pm Lunch Break
The 1920s Western Electric Sound Recording System’s Role in Developing the Architecture for Modern Film Sound 
Nicholas Bergh, Endpoint Audio Labs
Cinema Framerates: A Progress Report
Jonathan Erland, Pickfair Institute for Cinematic Studies
Case Study: Restoring Howard Hawks’ Scarface (1932)
Peter Schade, NBCUniversal
Wojtek Janio, MTI Film
The Rules of Restoration: Issues, Ethics and Choices in Digital Restoration
Wojtek Janio, MTI Film
6:30pm Dessert and Coffee Reception
7:30pm Screening:  Scarface (1932)
New restoration courtesy of NBCUniversal