Support The Reel Thing & AMIA

Posted on Jul 1, 2015 | Comments Off on Support The Reel Thing & AMIA

The Reel Thing  is a “must be there” for those interested and working in the technical areas of the field.

At a time of accelerating change, AMIA provides a unique forum for everyone involved in the production, access, preservation and management of moving image media. Not only to discuss the changes happening today, but to begin the conversation on how best to deal with tomorrow’s emerging technologies and challenges. AMIA is the only place where everyone comes together – archives, content creators, universities, post-production, systems designers, asset managers – where commercial meets nonprofit and we all can find the information that will help make the right decisions in preserving moving image media.

There are a number of Sponsor opportunities available for The Reel Thing as well as the Annual AMIA Conference coming up in November in Pittsburgh, PA.

Consider a sponsorship package for both The Reel Thing and the Annual Conference.  If you’re interested in sponsorship for The Reel Thing only, contact us and we’ll customize a sponsorship for you.

Because AMIA is a 501c(3) organization, a portion of your  Sponsorship may be tax deductible.