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Fat City Poster

Thursday . August 20 . 7:30pm
John Huston’s FAT CITY (1972)

Drunken-bum ex-boxer Stacy Keach hopes to stage a comeback. Despite the efforts of trainer/managerJeff Bridges, Keach crawls back into the bottle before he can revive his career. The boxer’s inability to conform to what people expect of him is paralleled with the experiences of Susan Tyrrell, a white woman ostracized by the community because of her relationship with a black man. Leonard Gardner adapted the screenplay of Fat City from his own novel. The film represented John Huston’s return to American moviemaking after a dozen years in Europe, and proved well worth the wait.

Directed by John Huston.  Starring Stacey Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrell, Candy Clark.
Screening Courtesy of Sony Pictures Repertory





Where the Sidewalk EndsFriday . August 21 . 7:30pm
Otto Preminger’s WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS (1950)

Dana Andrews is brutal metropolitan police detective Dixon, who despises all criminals because his father had been one. When the cops pick up two-bit gambler Ken Paine (Craig Stevens) as a murder suspect, Dixon subjects Paine to the third degree — and accidentally kills him. In disposing of the body, Dixon inadvertently places the blame for the killing on cab driver Jiggs Taylor (Tom Tully). Having fallen in love with Jigg’s daughter, Morgan (Gene Tierney), Dixon tries to clear the cabbie without implicating himself, but ultimately he becomes trapped in a web of his own making; luckily Morgan promises to stand by him. Where the Sidewalk Ends was adapted from a novel by William L. Stuart; its director was Otto Preminger, who’d previously put Andrews and Tierney through their paces in 1944’s Laura.

Directed by Otto Preminger.  Starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Craig Stevens, Tom Tully. 
Screening Courtesy of 20th Century Fox




Johnny_guitarSaturday . August  21 . 7:30pm
Nicholas Ray’s JOHNNY GUITAR (1954)

The title character, played by Sterling Hayden, is a guitar-strumming drifter who was once the lover of Arizona saloon-owner Vienna (Joan Crawford). Though her establishment doesn’t make a dime, Vienna doesn’t care because the railroad is going to come in soon, bringing a whole slew of thirsty new customers. This puts her at odds with bulldyke rancher Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge), who doesn’t want any new settlers on her land. Hating Vienna with a purple passion, Emma will do anything to drive her out of the territory…and even worse, Emma’s got the law and the other ranchers on her side. Hoping to keep Emma at bay, Vienna hires Johnny Guitar, who unbeknownst to everyone else in town is a notorious gunslinger. But Johnny prefers to bide his time, waiting for Emma to strike before he makes his move. As a result, Vienna endures several life-threatening experiences, culminating with a feverish chase through the Arizona wilds with lynch-happy Emma and her minions in hot pursuit.

Directed by Nicholas Ray.  Starring Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge, Ward Bond.  Screening Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.